Friday, October 29, 2010

Starting out.....

Ok well so I'm new to blogging but feel the need to post things more in depth than Facebook allows so here goes:
A little background to me...
I have 4 children.  My oldest is Kaylee and she is 8 now.  Then we have Gavin who is 2 followed by my twins  Alexis and Logan who turned one this September.
Kaylee is a sweetheart that excels in school.  She is in 3rd grade and was on the honor roll.  Gavin talks all the time and has recently decided to be a big boy and potty on the toilet.  Alexis has been walking for several months now and gets into everything!!! She stands up to her brothers and tries to push them around.  Logan is content to be playing on his own and has just started to walk around.
My house is in a constant state of messy because of the energy of my little ones.
I personally have many interests... I love taking pictures and then putting together scrapbooks for all my kids.... things that usually I don't get the opportunity to do.  I work only seasonally preparing taxes for H&R Block which gives me some time away from the house. 
We have been struggling to find ourselves a house instead of renting, something which has proved to be very frustrating.  What he likes and what I like are two very different things apparently!  One day we will find it but it sure has taken alot of looking!
I am a fish out of water in the place we live.  Who would have thought that this west coast city girl would have ended up in small town Kentucky!  I have laughed and been confused many times at the language differences.  Friends that I have from the west think I talk with an accent but people here think I have an accent from the west still!  Growing up I thought things anywhere in the US would be the same but that is soooo not the case.  There is north and south and east and west, I was from the northwest and am in the south east, its like a total 180.  Grocery stores over there are Safeway and Albertsons here they are Krogers and Food City.  Burger Kings over there had fry sauce they look at you crazy here if you want some.  I used to have anything cultural for dinner (i.e. chinese, mexican)  here they actually do down home cooking!  Oh my goodness what is that!???  oh ya its all deep fried and layered in fat! (did I mention that I gained weight again?) I am blessed to find myself in an area that thinks somewhat like me though.  I find myself on the opposition most times in political debates with people I knew back home but around here its republican or independent thinking all the way.  This is a repressed area in many ways the biggest being in english.  Not that I was a huge english buff but I have to choose shorter words sometimes to be understood yet they can baffle me with the way they use their words.  (blowing at people is honking I found out and you cut off the lights to shut them off) I could go on and on examples are everywhere.  My decision to move here was finding the man I married so I don't think it was a bad one... it let to the kids that make me happy as well.