Thursday, September 8, 2011

edit me week 17

Well its that time again to post my edit me contribution.  This weeks photo is from Jill over at jill samter photography:
As per usual I edited with Adobe Photo Shop Elements 7
I did alot of little steps to this photo starting with adjusting the levels and then the S-curve.
I straightened the photo and cropped it, added a photo filter to the sky to make it more blue after adjusting the color to make it a faded look.  I added Coffee Shops frame and Bam! Here is my edit:

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Friday, September 2, 2011

I know I am behind on posting my edit-me submission but I TOTALLY spaced it Wednesday and with working Tuesday and Thursdays this was my first chance to join in! So here goes: The photo this week is submitted by Stephanie from behind the camera and dreaming
I did A TON of steps to this photo but mostly I didn't want to blow out the red on the baby so I adjusted the levels first once regularly and the next time just lowered the red channel.  I then ran a CoffeeShop action called baby powder room to further reduce the redness on the babies skin and make it look more soft and the S-curve action to make the colors POP just a bit more.  I used a Pure action called Soft Summer and masked off the baby so the background was softened and then used an Everyday action called vignette and sharpen to further sharpen just the baby and soften the edges of the photo. I finally cropped the image to a 5x7 size and here are my results:

my goal was to make the child sort of glow in light while the background is softer and darker to place more emphasis on the child.... I think it works for this picture and makes for a nice clean edit
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