Friday, April 29, 2011

I know, i know... another contest

I can't help it I like taking pictures and editing them and showing them off most of all!!!!!

and as if that wasnt enough here is my before and after:


Since the rules are to use your kids and this weeks theme is multi color here is my entry:

The Paper Mama

my two favorite pictures!

This one I caught at the armory when they had the family Christmas dinner:

I didnt like the low light for taking pictures and should have adjusted the ISO but without my tripod I just
settled for "normal" pictures.  This one spot lighting so to speak daddy and his son was my artistic shot.

I also love this picture!  Babies are so much fun and when they are exploring its like experiencing things
new for yourself all over again!

Monday, April 25, 2011

My last week recaptured

Sunday April 17th:  
A typical Sunday morning (a morning that I secretly dread) getting kids up showered, dressed up, breakfast made and eaten, all of this racks my nerves when it has to all be completed and ready to walk out the door by 9 am.  So this Sunday being a guard weekend and my husband gone for the last two days I am not looking forward to doing this alone.  I got up and started on breakfast (one thing crossed off the list at a time).  Kaylee my oldest was helping by scrambling the eggs, my almost 3 yr old, was helping me with the sausage.  Everything was finishing up, I pulled the sausage from the stove, got the biscuits put on the table and I heard Kaylee scream then Alexis.  The 3 yr old, not happy with being "done" decided to get a kitchen chair by the stove to watch big sister (because big sister had stolen his step stool he was on)..... and so Alexis climbed up and put her hand on the hot stove.... I swear it took longer to write this than it happened that morning.... 30 seconds or less.  I ask myself all the time "why didn't I hear Gavin move the chair?" I was in the kitchen not 2 feet away from it all, I know I was preparing to sit down to eat and get all the food on the table but I am usually more AWARE of whats happening around me...
Not so typical Sunday now :(  

Took Lexi to the hospital got some Sylvedine cream to put on it and back to changing bandages 3 times a day
Monday April 18th:
Not excited but this is the last day to file taxes so my last day of work... wishing that I didn't have to leave the kids at home.  Still left work about an hour early cause the babysitter said Alexis got her bandage wet and I had to go change the dressings.
Wednesday April 20th: 
Dr checkup... hands not looking so good put her on an antibiotic now to keep off infection.
(yes I skipped Tuesday but that was just normal stay at home with kids and do chores stuff, same with Thursday)
Friday April 21st:
busy, busy day.... In-laws took Gavin over night so that i just had the twins for my running around.  Took Lexi to the eye Dr, she is clumsy and very car sick (in fact threw up in the 20 min ride to the optometrist) just to rule out eye problems. First good news of the day its not caused by sight problems! 
I decided to go shopping for new Easter outfits while in a different town (somewhere else to shop besides Walmart) and found a childrens resale shop and got all 4 outfits for $40 and was very excited about that!
Second Dr's appointment to check on her hand and the combination of changing the bandage 3 times a day and antibiotics is working and its starting to heal really well.  He says since it pains her some that is a good thing rather than bad it means she didn't damage any nerves.
Saturday April 22nd:
Busy work at home cleaning house.  Split the kids up older two with dad outside washing vehicles and younger two inside helping follow behind my cleaning with more messes  ugh!
Sunday April 23rd: Easter!!!
Like I said before Sundays are hard for me but at least this day I had my hubby at home to help!  Got kids all dressed up and headed to church for a great service and then afterwards the kiddos all got to easter egg hunt then off to the In-laws for good food and visiting.  Now to normal Sunday stuff by going grocery shopping for the week and home to rest around 5.
I am hoping even with one more Drs appointment this week for another check on her hand that things are starting to swing around to normal.  

For now here is my photoshop collage (since 4 kids chasing eggs are never in the same picture together)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm back.....

I know that I took quite some time off but for good reason I was working crazy insane hours for tax season. Now that's over with I can focus on my pictures once again! yay... I so missed taking pictures and learning new ways to edit them.

this is my edited picture of my biggest lil man to blog hop with  trendy treehouse

but I chose this shot for the sweet shot tuesdays blog hop as you can see anything with the twins together smiling to me is a sweet shot!

Sweet Shot Day