Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Welcoming myself back!

Look who is back?!!  That's right it's me!  Balancing work, family, school and a blog is some serious business but I need a sharing outlet!!!  I love photography and editing so I am getting back in the creative groove! 
As you can see my babies are getting much bigger!  Time seems to have flown by.......
They are all in school now, in fact Kindergarten graduation is coming up next month for my two babies!  Next thing I will know is they will all be in high school, so very crazy!

In the last two years our family has survived a deployment:
This is a picture of the DVD he sent home reading a bedtime story for the little kids.

Took a trip to see my best friend in Texas to take my mind off my husband being gone

Once he came back home we underwent major basement remodeling to add two more bedrooms to our house.  Before:


Then in a freak four wheeler rolling accident my husband managed to break his leg:
it may have been a clean break but the fact that it broke through the skin meant crazy metal rods holding him together!  6 months later and he was walking again.
As you can see in this picture he is having to use a walker to get around.... It is also the last picture that I have of my grandmother, the following november she passed....  as well as the last picture of my uncles girlfriend who passed about a month later than grandma....
All this and it was football season!!! Showing some 12's pride even without the super bowl win but did support my team and my coffee habit while attending classes at Western Kentucky University
 While my sister was having my newest niece I got to babysit this little man:

Despite earlier accidents daddy got right back up on that horse so to speak:

Now here it is post tax season and with work at a slow down, summer classes are not due to start until May 18th and a whole and healthy family.....We are blessed!

So in ending here is one more picture just because my niece is beautiful