Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's cold enough outside so where is the snow?

We have been plagued by colds so I have been lacking on my pictures and blogging but with me and 3 babies sick its so hard to find motivation to do more than wipe noses. However I did get up and take some pictures today to post once again with black and white wednesdays.... (it is wednesday right? LOL) It was quiet in the house because two out of three were napping and one was into Max and Ruby... ahhh those are the special times at my house!!!

I love the hair sticking up!!!

not completely black and white but I couldn't help it I like the soft look this has.

This peacefulness didn't last long but it was nice (and cute) while it was here!

Because of the not feeling good this week I failed to explain anything I did in yesterdays link up. I cropped and rotated that photo until I liked the angle. I then color adjusted it for the skin tones. I used a soft overlay of a background picture I had of bubbles and used the bright eyes smart brush tool.  I sharpened up just my baby in the picture so the background was still soft and he was a little less blurry.  I think that is all I did but I was sooo very happy with the way it turned out and thank you to all who commented!!!

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspirethe long road


  1. They look so gorgeous! It's important to capture these calm moments just as well as all the action that usually goes on.

    Erika B

  2. That is sweet. I took some last night of my baby sleeping in her crib but did not turn out as cute at this one you took. Yours is soft, peaceful makes me think I should have a nap. Great black and white as well.

  3. These are very cute and sweet! Great job!
    Rachel of

  4. Love a sleeping child. Something so precious about it. I hope everyone is getting back to normal....sick kids is never fun!