Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bottle removal

I have had an awful lot of people react to my twins still having bottles and they are 1 1/2. Not that I really think it is their business as to how I raise/deal with my children but I have talked to the dr about it.  They are not overly concerned with the twins still on the bottle because they assume they were preemie.  Now I believe they were not 6 weeks preemie so maybe I should go back to my own original deadline of bottles gone at a year so now *sigh I am 6 months behind schedule.  I tend to resist hard and taking bottles away is never easy especially with 2 lil ones begging for them ... at 3  A. M. !!! Not exactly prime time for my patience.  I stuck to my resolve and have not given in to the temptation of giving back the bottle but I am very sleep deprived today and hope I can stick to my guns again tonight.
Now to fun stuff!

  I got this picture fourth of July weekend.  My sister's daughter is only 4 days younger than my twins and all 3 of them sat down together on the front steps to help shuck the corn. I love all 3 of their expressions but didn't really care for the cooler and bucket cluttering up the photo so here is my edit:
adorable right?  I think it also captures the essence of summetime!


and then, she {snapped}

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  1. Cute shot! I remember doing that when I was a kid

  2. Very sweet picture. It truly is nobody's business but your own about what age your children have bottles. You are their mom and you get to choose what's best for them.

  3. oh my! they are adorable. At 1 1/2 do they have enough teeth to eat that corn on the cob!! so cute