Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Living room makeover!

Saturday I had the opportunity to pick up some new to me living room furniture so I could finally get rid of my hideous couch! I have always had hand me down furniture gotten from people getting new stuff and this is the first time I have had something I have picked out (well with my husband) I am so excited with the way it looks:
Please ignore the blue blanket stuffed into the couch. I didn't realize thats where the kids had stuffed it until after I uploaded the picture!  
Saturday after my husband got home from work before picking up the furniture we all took a walk through the city park:

Hubby stole my camera and snapped a few pictures of his own (these are the results after I changed it to auto... the first few on manual mode werent so good)
and last but not least I have my edit for the edit me challenge over on Branson's blog.  The photo this week was from Ginger

I edit with Photoshop Elements 7. I had aquired several actions so in reality I was playing with this photo ALOT! I used a Kim Klassen texture called Serendipity played with the levels and the sharpness.  honestly I should have written down the steps I did but with the un-doing I would have messed that up to, next week I will try harder! LOL hope you enjoy!
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  1. your edit for "edit me" SCREAMS beach time!! great job!

  2. I agree. I love the texture you added to it!

  3. I love the crop on your edit me! Great edit!