Friday, July 8, 2011


Recently I ordered a few things through the web involving picture printing on special order type things....
I ordered Fathers Day cards from two different sites:
Site #1 was for my husband from Tiny Prints and from site #2 two cards for both grandfathers from Card store
I found that both printers did an excellent job even with the freebie coupons I had.  On the other hand tiny prints ended up being free all the way around including shipping and came 2 days earlier than the card store.  I am kind of a late thinker and ordered the cards the Monday before the actual holiday and the tiny prints order came in plenty of time where the card store order came the Monday AFTER.  (Not that the grandfathers complained about getting such a cute card one day late!)
Then I ordered from Walgreen's a 4x6 brag book with a freebie promotional they were running.  I am pretty disappointed in this one.  Their expected delivery date was off by 5 days!!! So in real life that is FOREVER to see how it turned out and the wait wasn't worth it in my opinion.  The quality of the printing is pretty grainy and the laminating on the back cover is already got small bubbles in it.  Bottom line is I wouldn't pay full price for their brag books and I would use them for maybe distant relatives rather than a grandparent gift. :(

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  1. Heard about similar website, Post My Greetings, with quality printed greeting card. For me it got delivered within 2 days.