Thursday, August 11, 2011

Edit Me week 13

After a week of guest judging I am glad to be able to participate in the editing part of this fun link-up!
Here is a photo taken by Amber from Amber's Articles
it is a very moody storm chasing picture and this is my interpretation:

lets see if I can remember my steps now LOL
first thing I did was adjust the levels that seems to be a favorite to do first for me.
then I also did a layer of levels with everything but the ship masked off so that I could lighten just the boat some
I ran a Pioneer Woman action called Lovely and ethreal and used the lighten layer on just the sea
I added a photo filter of blue to tint the color some
I next cropped the photo
I ran another Pioneer Woman action called Edge Burn and adjusted the height of it so that it didnt darken the photo back up and put it on about 45% opacity
I ran a Coffee Shop action called S-curve to pop up the color just a tad more
Finally I ran a Coffee Shop action called Sun Kissed to put the lens flare on it.  I put the flare on the edge of the cloud peaking out and then removed the orange tones layer and contrast bump layer.  I also played with the opacity on the lens flare layer itself.
I think that it added a sense of optimism to a dark and moody picture and the crop style I used more like a panoramic view cause I can see it framed and on the wall in the long style like that.
and of course if you would like to see more edits of this lovely photo please stop by Branson's blog and check them all out!

My Reflection of Something


  1. Wow, that's a great edit! Love it.

  2. Nice sun flare addition. Since you added the sun flare, I am glad you cropped the storm cloud.

  3. That is a great edit .. you added so much light to it .. it's now looks like early morning !

  4. That's some crazy steps but I love love love the end result.

  5. so neat! you completely removed the storm, now it looks like the beginning of a bright and sunny day. love it! well done :)

  6. That is a beautiful, unique edit! I love the creative crop.

  7. Nice crop, like how bright it looks.

  8. i love your flare addition and lol I can never remember steps as well, that is why i dont do tutorials because im more of a jack sparrow, I make up stuff as I go haha. see u next week at Edit me!

  9. Great edit. I love what you did with it.

  10. Oh, I love your edit!! Very different from all the rest, and the sun flare was a GREAT touch.

  11. What a lovely edit! I love it! So sunny and pretty!

  12. Your edit is beautiful! Nicely done, Carrie!

  13. I love the panorama crop! This turned out really great, and I love how the boat really pops out in your edit!