Monday, May 16, 2011

a day in the rain

Well this weekend was a guard weekend meaning that 0700 Friday until 1700 Sunday it was just me and the kids.  So Saturday morning while it was still sunny but overcast I thought I would take the kids to the park and play until it looked like it would rain and then we would head in to town to do some grocery shopping.  First off Alexis was in no mood to take pictures (I wanted just one good one before they played) and this is all I got:
This was taken when they got distracted by water and as it turns out was the only way I was gonna get a picture of the 4 kids together.
The next attempt was sitting on the bench and as you can see lil miss wasn't having ANY of it!!! And if you look close you can see the rain starting.  I decided to give up with the pictures and head back to the car, no playing today as the rain didn't hold off long enough.  In fact as we were heading to the car its like the clouds opened up and proceeded to just dump the rain on us!!!  I passed off my camera to Kaylee to run with and I grabbed the twins and had to run to the car.  The babies were yelled "ahhhhhh" the whole way cause of the rain.  Logan was very amused by the whole thing and Alexis was pretty upset by it LOL!  All of us were drenched by the time we reached the car and then..... IT STOPPED!!!
Well Kaylee, Gavin, and I got a good laugh out of it!  Off to the grocery store soaking wet, lovely!  Since no more outside adventures were planned due to the rain we rented lots of movies and hung out snuggling on the couch at home.... what a weekend!


  1. love that first one, though they are not looking at you it is a fun shot! my kids love little streams!

  2. Your second shot brings back memories of trying to corral younger brothers in family photos; love how everyone is trying to keep your little lady in line! :D

  3. Playing is much more fun than photos! I think these are both fun shots!