Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Does this mean it actually is Spring?

I am getting a garden!!! The spot is now picked out and tilled thanks to my wonderful Hubby last night. Now to get something growing out there....
Thinking we will have tomatoes both red and yellow and yellow squash but not real sure what else to plant

I had THE MOST DIFFICULT time getting these shots of him tilling cause it was so muggy out last night and the camera had been in the cool house that the lens kept fogging up... guess it kind helped with the "soft" effect. Not only the moisture but the light was fading on me as it was dusk and so the pictures were rather dark but I was determined to get at least one good shot of my new garden spot!

I love how the dog was just watching his best friend work so I am entering it in the spring photo contest over at littlesomethings.
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  1. Cucumbers, green beans & dill (you know what for!), strawberries, rhubarb, zucchini....

    Now I'm wishing I had mine started already!


  2. lovely to share coffee with you - here's hoping it is indeed spring :)

  3. hooray for gardens! and yes, it really is spring...finally!