Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A little sad today

It's never fun being home alone with 4 kids I am always looking at the clock waiting for 5.30 to roll around so I can have some relief from doing it all by myself. Well this week that relief isn't going to come. Yesterday at 4pm my husband got a call to duty report time 0600 this morning to head out to Western Kentucky to help flood victims. I am proud of what he does being able to help people in their time of need but it does still leave me sad that there is an emptiness in the house where his presence usually is. Thankfully an active call was for inside the state so it's suppose to only last 7-10 days. Maybe it wouldn't seem so depressing if it wasn't raining so much here too, dreary days like this aren't all that good for uplifting the spirits.
I can say this about so much rain 1) it's not snow! 2) it has made things look like spring outside... nice and  green 3) on the downside it means cooped up inside with 3 kids looking for things to do.... pull out all the kleenex one by one,  play with the pots and lids banging them together making my ears ring, and the list goes on.
I almost wish I could pull the covers back over my head and wish things on to next week but since that can't happen I guess I will settle for snuggling with my kids on the couch watching Max and Ruby.  Sounds like the next best thing to me!

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