Monday, May 23, 2011


This next week is gonna be pretty busy for me! But to start I will recap my weekend..
Friday I got a new play toy for my camera! Yay me! I had to go and take some flower pictures to test it out: I know that they aren't chalk but I thought that the vintage look I put on the edited version made it look like chalk effect so I am still submitting it for the good to wow.

Then Saturday the kids and I went shopping and got more flowers!  Sunday we had a family gathering which was lots of fun!  I got so many pictures that I have tons of editing to do but I can share the two that I have finished. This first one is my hubby with Lexi I thought it was a darling moment.  This last one is of a cousins daughter that is so cute!
All of the kids had a blast playing with one another.  My kids were so tired they slept most of the way up to Glasgow were we shopped for my sisters birthday and went to Lowe's.  Big mistake going there I spent way too much money.  We got more flowers... now not sure where to plant more! LOL good problem to have I think.  Kaylee got to spend some money on strawberry plants. I will have to post more pictures when we get them in the planter. Now as to this upcoming week:  Today I am writing this as my tollhouse pies are cooking for a birthday dessert since my baby sis is coming up to visit for her birthday.  I think the plan is to take the kids to the park between school and Stevie getting off work. Then we will come home have dinner, watch a movie, do presents and pie! Fun night planned! Tomorrow I get a friend to come visit and help with garage sale set up then she is gonna watch the kids so I can go in for an eye exam its gonna be yay to new contacts! whoo hoo!  Thursday one of my hubbys cousins is bringing her baby to visit and look thro baby clothes my boys have grown out of so she can put them to use.  Sounds like busy times to me but its gonna be fun! Off of here to take the pie outta the oven! Happy Monday!


  1. Sounds like you are in for a busy and fun week! Have a great one!

    I love the photo of your cousin's daughter! Her expression is priceless!

  2. nice job with the flower and the chalk edit

  3. Always fun to get new toys. Thanks for linking up-

    Have a great week!

  4. Sounds like you had quite the weekend! I love your photos--especially the little girl in glasses, so cute!

  5. Have fun learning your new camera! New toys can be so exciting! (after I get over the buyers remorse! lol)

    I like how your edit brightened up the flower.

    And pics of daddies with babies are almost always treasured!

  6. I love a good update and it sounds like you're staying busy. The colors in your flower are so vibrant. Very nice.