Friday, November 19, 2010

another creative challenge

I simply can't pass up the chance anymore to put my creative side to work and on photography!!?? forget about it I am solidly hooked:
this is the original picture this weeks challenge is asked to fix:
 After my editing it looks like this:
 I think I did so much to it that I don't know if I remembered all the steps in order but I use PSE 7.0
First thing I did was made a copy of the pic and use the skin color correction tool but I layered it on in overlay mode about 50% then I used the saturation tool increasing the background color like 60% but masked out the couple.  I then put a bokeh called Sound of music from Katie Lloyd Photography blog but again masked the couple.  I used a feathering technique to put a vignette along the outside of the photo and lightened the shadow from under the bill of his hat.... quite a few steps but I like the final look.

The Trendy Treehouse

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