Monday, November 22, 2010

Friday night we had a wonderful relaxing night in with the kids, movies, and pizza. Ok the movie we rented wasnt all that good but it was nice. Saturday I woke up and my hubby had already been gone for sometime hunting with his brother in law so I got the kids ready dropped them off with a friend of mine and went to an estate auction. We got kinda bummed because the house went for higher than it should have because the guy owning the farm around it wanted more land (whats 1.7 more acres) its disappointing because we just want a nice house not to buy up all the property like monopoly. We stuck around and got a 2 boxes from the auction tho. One was a huge box of kitchen pots and pans, it ended up having 3 cast iron skillets in it and a small crock pot!!! The smaller box was kitchen utensils we bid $10 on and one lady wanted the old egg beaters out of it and gave the $10 just for those so she bought our box. Picked up the kids had a late lunch with them and come home. Was getting all the kids ready to go spend the night at nanny and pas and the twins got ahold of my phone and threw it in the toilet!!! ugh so run up to the cell company before they close to get an old phone hooked up while my other one sat in rice to dry out. Then we dropped the kids off and headed to date night where I got a wonderful dinner and then taken out to midnight bowling. I was soooo excited it only took 7 games but I finally beat my hubby with a huge score for me of 176!!!! YAY...

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