Tuesday, November 2, 2010

too many ideas...

Starting to blog I am thinking of things constantly to talk about but then I still at the computer and stare at the screen wondering which of a 1000 ideas sounds good enough to be today's topic.  Its like my scrapbooking, so much to do I don't know where to begin.
1)     I guess I can start with a recent event.  Like any other Saturday I did some laundry, bathed the kids, got them down for naps and then took a shower myself.  While showering the water level started to rise... so I got the plunger and tried to work the drain a little bit and oddly enough the toilet started to make noise.  Come to find out the toilet, my shower, and the bath tub were all filling up with water.  Annoyed now I got dressed and went to see how the rest of the house fared.  The bathroom down the hall was flooding too!!! Oh no!  So I did text my husband at work and tell him about the plumbing then I tried working the drains again realizing that it was just transferring water to another location I decided to stop.  Then my husbands calls to tell me his mom and dad were on their way over to fix the problem.... Great! At least I had been warned so now I am trying desperately to clean.  I am by no means a plumber but when the whole houses drains are filling back up to me that is a septic tank issue that wont be solved by a plunger but now I get to sit back and watch as someone plunges water all over both bathrooms and then tracts that nice sewer water all over my house for an hour!!!! Even had to turn the water shut off valve on the toilet cause now water is coming out on the floor.  Finally got him persuaded to take a look outside so the water mess was curbed on the inside at least.  Then I get a lecture on how this entire house is plumbed wrong.  It's a rental... do I really care how its plumbed when its working?  Not really.  Besides that it is a double wide mobile so really the plumbing made sense just not when the septic tank is where it is on this piece of property making some piping seem, yes, stupid when it has to backtrack.  I have had a water leak under the kitchen somewhere that NO one would look at or fix even the landlord.  2 years it has been there and now with this event I was told finally where that leak was and that for less than $10 and 30 min. it could be fixed.  Now I am mad (thankful it FINALLY got fixed) really mad that it only took 2 years and my kitchen floor falling in!!!!!  My husband comes home and they snake the house looking for the clog in the pipe.  A clog that in my mind did not exist.  It took quite some time for them to see it my way.  So they dug up the access to the tank and low and behold its full.... imagine that.  They get a shovel and break up some of the stuff formed on the top making a crust which was to some extent clogging the intake to the tank poured in some tank treatment and buttoned everything back up.  I was under the impression that meant Monday I would be calling someone to come pump it but now that everything drained and hasn't backed up again there is no need??? Men (shaking my head) should just listen to women sometimes.  "Honey the pipes are backed up everywhere in the house could you please get the tank pumped" "yes dear"  would have saved us an entire Saturday of muddy work and me having to clean septic water out of both bathrooms, not to mention out of my carpets. 
2) I need a notebook to carry with me to catch all my ideas.
3) Alexis cracks me up.  I caught her beating her twin brother over the head with a crock pot lid.  A little bit later she is crying... she put her finger in his mouth and he bit her, DUH if you put something in a babies mouth they will bite it.  (and I think he was paying her back for the crock pot lid)
4) My oldest daughter has the amazing ability to never find anything even if its right in front of her face so when I asked her to get me my camera off the computer desk and she didn't find it I sent her back to look again and again and again until my husband said "you mean the one on the radio?" hmmmm note to self sometimes its not her ability to not find something... maybe once just once it's cause it's not where I thought I had left it.

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