Monday, November 1, 2010


My oldest daughter has had some stomach problems that could be viewed as a child attending public school and catching every known bug passed around or something unknown is wrong.  Its not fun to have a child have throwing up spells once a month.  It's not everyday but it is random.  Weird enough that the Dr ordered an upper GI.  So last night at midnight she had to start her prep.  No drinks or food.  Then had nightmares half the night keeping me up so both of us were really sleeping come 7 am this morning.  The upper GI seemed to be no big deal for her to do.  She wasn't scared and cruised right through it, guess I was the nervous one.  The nurse told me that no news is good news but the Dr should have the results wednesday.  After the procedure the radiology tech told me the Dr will know something by 2pm TODAY...... um help now I am worried.
Wednesday 11/3 update:
Dr did indeed have the results Monday by 2pm HE was too busy to review them and upon calling his office this morning he is not in yet and has a meeting so I'm getting frustrated cause I am dying to know something!!!

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